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The two individual assignments cover different materials from the first and the second halves of the term..

Description of Assignment: Each assignment consists of a series of exercises. The questions are going to be posted after each session when you gain the required knowledge to answer them. You would ideally answer the questions related to each class soon after attending the class and before the following session. You will then gather all their answers and submit them in one file online before the submission deadline. Further instructions are going to be provided to you in class.

Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?): Each assignment’s grade will be calculated based on your answers to its exercises, where some exercises hold more weight than others. The answers should be clear and directly address the issue asked for. Partial credits will be given in case the approach is correct but the final answer is wrong. Further explanation will be provided in class for each assignment.

Grade Guide For Each Question – Out of 5
0The student has not tried the question.
1The student has tried to question but not much has been done to grade, or the approach is completely incorrect.
2The student has many errors in his/her work and possibly has not arrived at the final answer.
3The student has answered the question with several noticable errors which result in wrong outcomes, or has forgotten to complete part of the question.
4The student has followed the right path but has made one – or just a few – noticable errors. Or perhaps not followed the right structure.
5Well-done! The question is answered in a complete manner, without any mentionable errors, and the student have obtained the right answer(s) in each step.


Individual Assignment Rubric

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuantitative Questions5 ptsFully Correct4 ptsCorrect But Missing a Few Main Points3 ptsCorrect but Missing Some Main Points2 ptsPartially Correct1 ptsUnsatisfactory Answer but a Few Points Present0 ptsNot Answered5 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQualitative Questions5 ptsCorrect Approach and Correct Answer4 ptsCorrect Approach with Minor Mistakes3 ptsCorrect Approach with Some Major Errors2 ptsIncomplete Answer with Major Errors1 ptsIncorrect Approach with Mistakes0 ptsNot Answered5 pts
Total Points: 10

Requirements: 1000ATTACHMENTSmat210___assignme


Excel Question
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