Exercise 4A: Perform a Financial Ratio Analysis for Coca-Cola/Exercise 4B: Construct an IFE Matrix for Coca-Cola

Financial ratio analysis is one of the best techniques for identifying and evaluating internal strengths and weaknesses. Potential investors and current shareholders look closely at firms’ financial ratios, making detailed comparisons to industry averages and to previous periods of time. Financial ratio analyses provide vital input information for developing an IFE Matrix.


Step 1Using the resources listed in Table 4-8, find as many Coca-Cola financial ratios as possible. Record your sources. Report your research in a document with APA format.

Exercise 4B: Construct an IFE Matrix for Coca-Cola


This exercise will give you experience in developing an IFE Matrix. Identifying and prioritizing factors to include in an IFE Matrix fosters communication among functional and divisional managers. Preparing an IFE Matrix allows managers to articulate their concerns and thoughts regarding the business condition of the firm. This results in an improved collective understanding of the business.


Step 1 Develop an IFE Matrix for Coca-Cola. Use information from Exercise 1B.

Step 2 What strategies do you think would allow Coca-Cola to capitalize on its major strengths? What strategies would allow Coca-Cola to improve on its major weaknesses?


Table 4-8Excellent Websites to Obtain Strategic Information (Including Financial Ratios) on Companies and Industries

Online Free Resources.

Form 10K or Annual Report





Online Subscription Resources (Likely Subscribed to by Your University Library)

Mergent Online: www.mergentonline.com

At this website, financial statements seem to be more complete than at other sites. You can also search for companies with the same SIC or NAICS code and then create a comparison financial ratio report. A number of different ratios can be used as comparison criteria to create a tailored report that can then be exported into a Microsoft Excel format. Alternatively, use the Competitors Tab in Mergent to build a list of companies and compare their ratios. Your college library likely subscribes to this service.

Factiva: http://new.dowjones.com/products/factiva/

At this website, first use the Companies & Markets tab to search for a company. Next, click “Reports” and choose the “Ratio Comparison Report” to get a company’s ratios compared to industry averages. Your college library likely subscribes to this service.

S&P NetAdvantage: http://www.standardandpoors.com/products-services/…

This website provides company and industry ratios and information in two sections of the database: (1) the Compustat Excel Analytics section of a particular company’s information page and (2) the S&P Industry Surveys.

Onesource: www.avention.com/OneSource

This is a widely used source for financial ratio information. Search for a particular company and then click on the link for “Ratio Comparisons” on the left side of the company information page. The data in Onesource will compare your company against the industry, against the sector, and against the stock market as a whole.

Yahoo Industry Center: http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/

This is an excellent free resource that allows a user to browse industries by performance rankings, including return on equity, price-earnings ratio, market cap, price change, profit margin, price-to-book value, long-term debt, and more.

Hardcopy Reference Books for Financial Ratios in Most Libraries

Robert Morris Associate’s Annual Statement Studies: An excellent source of financial ratio information.

Dun & Bradstreet’s Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios: An excellent source of financial ratio information.



Exercise 4A: Perform a Financial Ratio Analysis for Coca-Cola/Exercise 4B: Construct an IFE Matrix for Coca-Cola
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