Module 1: Discussion – Ice Breaker – Class Section 3 18 This thread is designed to help you get comfortable posting in discussions. We also want to help you get to know and become comfortable with the other members of this composing community. Finally, the content is designed to help you begin the critical reflecting and composing you’ll need to do for the incoming Pre-Course Reflection First, tell your Instructor, Writing Mentor, and group members a little about yourself. As Project 1 will require you to go out and physically collect primary data within your local community, where are you taking this class from? What are you studying? What are your interests or hobbies? Etc. Second, spend some time reflecting about your past experiences with writing (and other types of composing). In this course, we value a process approach to composing, and we hope to help you improve your own composing process in both your habits of mind and your accompaniment actions. Everyone has a different process, but most successful composers go through a tangible series of steps as they think, compose, and revise Discuss the compositing process you’ve used in the past What steps do you take before you begin composing? Where do you start? How much time do you devote to completing a composition? Do you revise? If so, how? You might also consider your emotional state of mind during the process – do you enjoy composing? Does it give you anxiety? Does it bore you? Do you discuss your ideas or share your compositions with others? Do the skills you use in one composing situation transfer to other composing situations? Why or why not? Feel free to include any other details that illuminate the compositing process you’ve used in the past (whether this process is maximizing your composing success or not) Note: Your answers to these questions should be written as organized paragraphs. Do not just respond to these questions one by one, like tapping off elements of a checklist. Synthesize your answers so theyll be coherent to readers The following video may give you some sense of how others approach the composing process. This discussion is another opportunity to continue the Metacognitive reflection essential to any composer’s ongoing development. Please also demonstrate Curiosity in reading your classmates’ posts.


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