PURPOSE: The objective of this assignment is to apply the knowledge from our Exploring Western Music class to the understanding of a specific piece by your chosen composer. Placing the music in context with the personal, sociological and cultural circumstances of the composer will help to develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills, which will prepare you for future professional engagements. TASK: Each student will write a 750-word research paper about how his/her selected musical work fits in the production of the composer, in the aesthetics of the historical period, and in his/her historical and cultural context. It must reflect a clear structure, organized materials, and personal insights. Make sure that your written document answers the following questions: In which year was the piece composed? In which country was the piece composed? During which historical period was the piece composed? Which were the cultural and social circumstances when the music was written. Does the piece follow the style trends of the mentioned historical period? What are the most relevant characteristics of the music you have chosen to discuss? Does the music reflect any personal or biographical events LAYOUT: Font: Times New Roman: Font Size: 12 font Line Spacing: 1.5 spacing. Top Header: Signature Assignment Music in [composer of your choice]’s [title of the piece]* E.g. Music in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral” Due Date: Name: CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS: Your research paper will be evaluated on the basis of: The clarity in the development and expression of your ideas in writing; The degree to which your paper shows understanding of the basic elements of music in the selected composition and how the music is representative of a specific cultural, historical, and social period; The ability to describe your listening experience on your selected musical work.

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