Business Systems

Business profitability  isn’t only about sales, it is also about efficiency and cost control.  That is why we have a systems integration team to help you automate and improve efficiency, reduce costs and manual handling, and improve the quality of your reporting and information.

Examples of use:

  • Transferring data between your web site and external systems, like CRM, accounts, email marketing portals, suppliers, or customer portals.
  • An internal database and application for the management of your day to day business activity.
  • Workflow and automation solutions.
  • Marketing automation, from a simple email auto-responder to a comprehensive pre-built sales automation system.
  • Integrating a shopping cart with an external stock control or ERP system.
  • Feeding enquiries from a website directly into your business management system or database.
  • Cloud applications to move internal processing out of the office and off the network.
  • Data warehousing and data mapping applications, validation and cleaning of data sets.

Our entire approach to business systems is to integrate and improve efficiency, so our team can work with you to look for opportunities to improve your business flow.


For those of a more technical bent, we are able to programme in PHP and MySQL on a Linux (web based) platform, including Javascript, Ajax and jQuery. Alternatively we can deliver using Microsoft technologies including C#, Visual Studio .NET, MS SQL Server, MS Access.  XML, SOAP and REST are important technologies for interoperability between systems.

Many products that you might be familiar with are based on these underlying technologies, so can benefit from the same skills. MS Dynamics, Rio, and many other well known commercial packages are based on Microsoft SQL server. Many other systems using the LAMP opensource technology stack, such as SugarCRM, OpenERP, and many others, meaning that these technologies cover a large proportion of the popular systems that you are likely to have in place.

Integration with popular accounting packages, such as the Sage suite and versions of Quickbooks are also available.


external stock control or ERP system.
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