CAUSES OF SPREAD OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASESGerms or micro-organisms are all around us. They are present in water, air,soil, on furniture, on dirty hands etc.. All of these germs do not spread diseases.Only particular types do. Typhoid, tuberculosis and cholera are caused by bacteriaand are called bacterial diseases. Diseases that are caused by viruses are calledviral diseases. Flue or influenza, common cold, viral fever, small pox, polio etc.,are viral diseases. Malaria and diarrhea are caused by protozoa and fungi causediseases like ringworm.Some of these germs that cause dangerous diseases like malaria, typhoid, jaundice,tuberculosis, etc. and they spread.1. Through contact with an infected personDiseases like ringworm, measles, common cold, chickenpox andtuberculosis are spread by contact with an infected person, his saliva, utensils, andclothing.2. Through AirWe sometimes inhale disease causing germs present in the air and getinfected. Common cold, measles, cough, viral fever spread in this way. Thesediseases are spread by sneezing, coughing and spitting.3. Through infected food and waterFood and water get infected if they are not kept in the clean place. They canalso get infected by germs carried by flies, cockroaches, rats, cats, etc or if they arehandled with dirty hands. Diseases like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, jaundice,etc.and spread by eating infected food or by drinking unclean water.4. Through bites of insectsInsects like mosquitoes, bedbugs and flies spread diseases like malaria,dengue fever, and plague. These insects suck the blood of a person infected withthe disease and become carriers of the germs. When these insects bite a healthyperson, they inject these germs into the blood of a healthy person. Dengue feverand malaria are spread by mosquitoes.5. Through wounds and cutsOur skin protects our body. Germs of diseases like tetanus can enter aperson‟s body through cuts or wounds in the skin.


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