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Need help with my Applied Mathematics question – I’m studying for my class.

📌 write what do you think about their writing. don’t use he/she. judge like you are giving them advice’s. answer the question too


Since my Degree is marketing combinations are very useful in marketing. Combination marketing uses techniques to get information about your product or service.

In group of 10 people that are promoting their business by creating an advertisement, a $20, $10, and 5$ prizes will be rewarded. How many ways can the prizes be given out?


Using an example from my current job in banking fraud, the top performers with the best work stats receive amazon gift cards every month. Sorry if this is similar to other equations, but I’m still no quite sure how combinations and permutations take place in network security.

My team currently has 13 people, the top 2 agents with the best stats each receive a $25 amazon gift card. How many ways can these gift cards be given?

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