There is no minimum of maximum pages or words so please let me know if I need to pay for extra pages if you feel they are necessary. I need you to fill in the gaps of my paper using the uploaded articles please. My paper is lacking detail on the pathways affects by fermented vegetables in the categories of inflammation and the gut microbiome. The yellow highlight is from what the previous writer highlighted when I asked for more pathways. I may or may not keep it. It is whatever you think. The previous writer gave me a great starting point for the paper but I have added things and need more details added. The following are links to the articles that I would like added to my paper please (if you agree and think they should be added). Inflammation: 1. 2. 3. 4. perhaps you could tie in obesity with inflammation then tie in consumption of fermented vegetables with obesity thus decreasing inflammation (if that works). 5. 6. for the next article, I would like the “Gut Microbiota and Innate Immunity” section summarized. please be careful to not just reference the review article but to reference each according article individually 7. referencing each article individually rather than the review article applies to all the articles please unless you are making a general or overall statement. 8. the above articles will likely lead you to doing more research on those specific pathways. I just wanted to provide you with examples of what I had in mind. Please add any new search terms and results to the methods and result sections. 9. these new articles may need to be added to Table 1 Gut Microbiata: 1. I need the same thing done as above for the pathways of fermented vegetables on intestinal microbiata; however, I do not have many of those articles to provide to you 2. the articles that I do have are as follows: a. b.

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