The Business Feasibility Study Report (group work) must be written as if students were external consultants to the organisation that would execute the project.
My part: financial feasability study.
Topic: Would it be financially feasible to open up a Victoria’s secret flagship store in Sydney’s Pitt st Mall?
Must include:
• Cost overview, summary of financial projections
• Income and cash flow projections, facility revenue and expenses, payroll summary, operations expenses,
• Financial forecast
• Break even estimate
• Pay back period
• Return on investment, how much investment needed and where does it come from?
• Financial – do they need to worry about cheaper rent?
Tables to show projections, profit and loss, payroll, operations, forecasting, pay back period etc
Pitt st Mall is on the top 5 list of the most expensive venues to rent a store. Average rent $12.496/sqm yearly.
Financial Projections
Balance Sheet Projections
Income Statement Projections
Cash Flow Projections
Break-even Analysis
Capital Requirements & Strategy
Recommendations & Findings
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Financial feasability study for Victoria’s secret flagship store in Sydney

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