Budget Review
For this Assignment, you will analyze a budget prepared for submission with a grant proposal.
Scenario: During a discussion with your library manager, she tells you about a Call for Proposals for grants that could help pay for the things you need for a new information literacy course requirement for your institution. You ask her to meet with the other librarians and any other key staff and put together a list of things that could go into the grant. You tell her that if she will draft a proposal and budget, you will review it and give her some feedback.
About a week later, she brings you a draft budget. It looks to you like she included all the important elements, but you want to make sure the budget meets the funding agency’s guidelines, so you download the Call for Proposals from the funding agency’s website and review the budget while considering these guidelines. She comments to you that she has a lot of questions about grants and grant budgets, so you tell her you will review the grant documents and assist her with understanding.
Assignment Instructions
To complete the budget review Assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Review the websites and documents provided under the Readings link. The information from The Foundation Center will provide an overview of the grant writing and budget preparation process, and cover some key terms and concepts.
  2. Review the materials provided in the scenario above — the draft budget and the Call for Proposals — and determine if the draft budget meets the funding guidelines outlined in the Call of Proposals.
  3. Prepare a 1–2-page Response Memo to your library manager with the following elements:
    • Your feedback on her draft budget, explaining anything she needs to change — this can be done in a few paragraphs. Be sure to assimilate relevant sources.
    • A brief summary explaining whether the budget meets the funding guidelines and a rationale for why or why not based on the foundation guidelines. Be sure to assimilate relevant sources.
  4. Review your work against the Assignment rubric available from the Grading Rubrics link on Course Resources.
  5. Submit your paper to the Assignment Dropbox.

The length of the paper for content is 1–2 pages. The paper should be in the form of a response memo. A title page is not necessary, but please do provide a reference page following APA (6th ed.) style. The Writing Center has some resources on developing memos available here: https://campus.purdueglobal.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/WritingTypesAndTools/WritingMemo.aspx

For this Assignment, you will analyze a budget prepared for submission with a grant proposal.

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