DESCRIPTION: For this assignment you are asked to use the research skills you gained in assignment 1(Annotated Bibliography) and 2 (Paradigm/or paradigm shift), to create an A3 Poster which profiles notions of truth and way of knowing in you found in the earlier assignments, or you may wish to undertake additional research to supplement that information. Your poster need to refer to at least 5 good quality scholarly sources.

  • Prepare an A3 poster that addresses the following key questions:
  1. Is there a single notion of truth time and place, or many contested truths? What are these notion of truth?
  2. Is there a single way of knowing in this time and place, or more than one? What are these ways of knowing?
  • The written your chosen time and place. Poster sessions are common at academic conferences, and are popular means for academics to present a summary of their research. You may use information content of the poster (approx… 500 words) is to be presented in essay style, with a proper introduction, fully developed paragraphs, and clear conclusion. Because the written content is summary of your research, you should start by writing an essay of approx.…1000 words, to do justice to your topic.
  • Divide your written content into text boxes ( sub-headings if appropriate)
  • Include in-text references in APA style, but do not include a reference list n the poster ( a full reference list is required in the word document submission)
  • Select image which are relevant to the topi
  • Use caption to include image title or description, and image reference.


  • Create a title for your poster which clearly indicates the poster focus, generates interest in the topic, and is appropriately academic.

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