Create a case presentation with PowerPoint slides related to a clinical encounter that you assessed during the practicum. Your completed presentation must contain at least 15 slides and the presentation itself should span 15 – 20 minutes. Use Bongo to record the audio and video portion of your presentation. Use and cite at least four references (for example, Buttaro, Grubbs, Bickley, and a medical journal) and provide a research article to the class pertaining to your final diagnosis. Your presentation must contain a slide detailing how the research article you chose and presented defends or supports the diagnosis and treatment. Include a References page in APA style at the end of your slideshow. At the conclusion of your presentation, pose two discussion questions for your classmates. Submit your completed presentation to the assignment link provided and post it on the Case Presentation Discussion and Response board (see the link provided in the Case Presentation Discussion and Response item). Be sure to answer any questions posed by your colleagues. Review the following requirements and resources before you begin to work on your case presentation: Research article should meet the following requirements: 1. Supports diagnosis and/or treatment 2. No more than 5 years old 3. Qualitative or quantitative 4. Research study (population, sample size, results, conclusion etc.)


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