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Question 5

1. Robyn noticed that international students on campus tend to interact with each other and seem to avoid interaction with Americans. The same is true for American-born students. This situation is an example of 

a.absorption assimilation
b.melting pot assimilation
c.involuntary migration

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Question 6

1. Women who work in male-dominated occupations can encounter a barrier that prevents them from rising past a certain level in an organization. This barrier is known as the

a.glass ceiling.
b.glass wall.
c.glass escalator.
d.glass elevator.

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Question 7

1. ________________ is the process of introducing products into the market by using advertising and sales campaigns that promise consumers they will achieve gender ideals if they buy them.

a.Selective marketing
b.Gender-schematic marketing
c.Gender polarization
d.The commercialization of gender ideals

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Question 8

1. Mary’s supervisor tells her that the only way to prevent theft is to follow black customers as they shop. Mary complies because she does not want to lose her job. Mary is a

a.nonprejudiced nondiscriminator.
b.prejudiced nondiscriminator.
c.nonprejudiced discriminator.
d.prejudiced discriminator.

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Question 9

1. Some social critics maintain that the U.S. government classifies people of Middle Eastern and Arab ancestry as “white” because

a.the Middle East holds important symbolic values that whites with power to classify hoped to associate with their “race.”
b.this ancestry group doesn’t fit clearly into the “black” category.
c.most Middle Easterners self-classify themselves as white.
d.the dominant population classifies Middle Easterners as “white.”

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Gender polarization
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