This course requires you to prepare and submit an Investigation Report exploring and evaluating a current, significant/ important geotechnical engineering issue/ project, preferably involving innovative, sustainable geotechnical engineering practices/ designs/ applications.
Apart from encouraging students to investigate/ review course related matter and develop skills in technical report writing, through this assessment task it is also expected that students acquire the following generic attributes of the Institution of Engineers, Australia.

  • Ability to communicate effectively, not only with engineers, but also with the community at large.
  • Understanding of the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities of the professional engineer, and the need for sustainable development.
  • Understanding the principles of sustainable design and development.
  • Expectation of the need to undertake lifelong learning, and the capacity to do so. Suggested investigation areas (but not limited to)
  • A detailed review about the design of the foundation system of a significant/important structure (including discussion on any ground improvement, land development, land reclamation work); (please avoid all historical buildings where everything is fully explored and documented already)
  • A detailed review about the earthworks and retaining wall design of an underground structure;
  • A detailed review of the mechanism/ cause of a significant geo-environmental disaster/ failure (landslide, mudflow, earthquake, tsunami etc);
  • A detailed review of the a mechanism/ cause of a failure of a geotechnical engineering system (eg. Building foundation) (probably with a case study analysis) and subsequent remedial actions.

Please note that you have the freedom to select any other topic as far as it is a relevant, current issue.
This assessment task requires detailed study of the selected topic as well as intelligent assessment and review and understanding of relevant issues. The report should be presented with correctly cited list of references and bibliography and to a reasonably acceptable technical standard with a word limit of approximately 2500 (excluding references and appendices).
The assessment criteria will be:

  • Presentation – neat, clear, conforming to office standards (easily handled, copied etc)
  • Interest – topical, relevant or important subject matter
  • Expression – clear, concise, correct
  • Description – accurate, covering key issues
  • Conclusions – intelligent, significant, technically correct
  • References – adequate, reliable and current.

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