This paper talk about the theme of death in The book the Epic of Gilgamesh. How Gilgamesh’s attitudes toward death. How his thoughts about death change over time. (three periods) For example, at the beginning of the book Gilgamesh didn’t think about death seriously about death as he the strong king an he doesn’t fear anything. later on, his close friend Enkidu died which made him think about death as a horrifying fate so he traveled around the world to seek immortality. At the end he fails and goes back to Uruk (his city) accepting the Idea of death. you can use for a summary of the book and analysis as it will help ( The Epic of Gilgamesh). Also, make sure to include some quotes from the book (not sparknotes) to support each idea. These ideas may help: – Death is humans right. – Punishment is a way of justice. – Enkidu has died because he killed the bulk of heaven (Punishment is a way of justice) – After the pain Gilgamesh went through after he lost his dear friend, he searched for a way to defeat death. He eventually learned that he will not find the immortal life he seemed, when got created man, he created them to be taken away by death, and that what man�s life is, is only what that man made it to be. Gilgamesh feels the way he does about Enkidu�s death because he was his great friend in life You don’t have to stick with these idea, you can write other ideas but make sure that they relates to the topic. Gilgamesh changed his thought toward his death because of Enkidu ( love and friendship relationship) This is the Final paper, it is very important to me. Make sure the thesis statement is strong. source: the book The epic of Gilgamesh please support the thesis with evidences. such as quotes from the book…………….
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Gilgamish and the fear of death (Analysis)

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