This part of the final project is your choice historical phases, representative images, and leaders and/or thinkers for your timeline. Here are the requirements for Part 1 Final Project. First, list any six of the seven historical time periods from Module 4 that you will cover in your timeline, which are: God’s People, Land, and Law (1600 BCE-1050 BCE) God in the First Temple (1050 BCE-586 BCE) God in the Second Temple (586 BCE-70 CE) God in No Temple (70 CE-622 CE) God in Three Religions (622 CE-1238 CE) God in the Head and Heart (1238 CE-1837 CE) God Among Sisters and Brothers (1837 CE-present) Secondly, after each of the six historical time periods provide: A historical leader or thinker for whom you will write a 100-120 word diary entry. If you go over 120 words, that is acceptable. The person can be a historical figure or a character from religious scripture or myth or history that is identified with that time period. Make sure that all people you choose belong to Religions of the West—namely, the Expressive traditions, or the Zoroastrian, Baha’i, Jewish, Christian, or Islamic traditions. Be sure to include -the full name of the character -the religion to which the character belongs -the dates when the character lived or existed. EXAMPLE: So one of them might look as this, you can ignore my droll humor: God’s People, Land, and Law (1600 BCE-1050 BCE) I chose Moses of the Hebrews, footballer of the Israelite nation, who led the team out of Egypt to the land of Canaan. Born in Egypt and active anywhere from 1400 to 1200 BCE, depending upon the source, Moses had an Egyptian upbringing. He liked to play rugby and football, though he did not care much for cricket. His outstanding play sparked jealousy in his Egyptian friends, so he decided to leave the Egyptian league and play in the Canaanite minor divisions. Excelling among them, he learned the rudiments of leadership while captain of the team. Upon retirement as a player, he became head coach of the Israelite Seraphim. In his fifth year as coach he took them as far as the Near East championship only to lose on a last-minute desperation play by the Hittite Hierophants.

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