In the 21 st century cloud computing is like what electricity was in the 20 th[1] : It’s transforming the way we do business. In the present business world with the amount of economic fall and loss happening every day, there is much demand for a technology which is reliable, yet affordable; cloud computing is one such technology. We can say cloud computing as the successor of grid computing. Cloud computing helps business organizations of all sizes to transform their current technological operations by establishing an adaptable and flexible IT environment to meet the changing requirements. In the present business organizations, the need to achieve more with less investment is at the financial core, and cloud computing’s increase in demand makes it as the perfect source for the organizations to operate effectively even with a tight budget. Unnecessary expenses including hardware, software, administrative are avoided in the businesses by opting cloud computing. These features are compelling the business organizations to adopt cloud technology in the first place. By researching the cloud computing services available, this paper describes the impact of cloud computing on the business organizations. By using Netflix as an example this paper focuses on how cloud computing can be utilized in a business and, we can determine which type of businesses would benefit most from this technology 


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