The capital structure of a firm is highly influenced by the growth and stability of its sales. If the sales of a firm are expected to remain fairly stable, it can raise a higher level of debt. Stability of sales ensures that the firm will not face any difficulty in meeting its fixed commitments of interest payment and repayments of debt.

Similarly, the rate of growth in sales also affects the capital structure decision. Usually greater the rate of growth of sales, greater can be the use of debt in the financing of firm. On the other hand, if the sales of a firm are highly fluctuating or declining, it should not employ, as far as possible, debt financing in its capital structure.

Factor # 3. Cost of Capital:

Every rupee invested in a firm has a cost. Cost of capital refers to the minimum return expected by its suppliers. The capital structure should provide for the minimum cost of capital. The main sources of finance for a firm are equity, preference share capital and debt capital.

The return expected by the suppliers of capital depends upon the risk they have to undertake.


Growth and Stability of Sales:
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