Learning Outcomes

1. Articulate the major process of strategic management, and apply these to the various corporate types encountered in the construction industry.

2. Articulate the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution methods such as medication in addressing construction disputes.

3. Use Systems Theory to critically appraise the roles of quality, health and safety, and environmental planning approaches in construction companies, including the application of international standards in addressing these concerns.

Assignment Objective

This study aims to develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of the essential management systems that lead to the successful conduct of construction operations from the perspectives of time, cost, quality and scope. They include an appreciation of the construction industry in the context of the overall economy, the role of government in regulating and controlling the industry, and the strategic alternatives of construction companies to operate competitively within a changeable economic climate.

Assignment Tasks

Consider that you are working as a Project manager of an apartment project in one of the leading Construction Company in Al Mabella city that located in Sultanate of Oman. The project details are given below:

Site area is 5000 Sq. M. and the total built up area of apartment building is 1500 Sq. M. with Ground + 5 floors. Each floor of the building will be having 10 dwellings including lift, stairs, safety exit and passage. Overall duration of the project is 18 months. Now due to the current pandemic situation the project has been delayed for two months. In contract no specific clause has been annexed regarding this pandemic situation. So, in connection with this issue there is a dispute between the client and contractor.

You are asked to submit a report based on the following requirements:

Report Structure:

Prepare a report based on the following requirements with a word count of 1500 words excluding cover page, table of content and references.

Introduction: This section should clearly state the background of the report content and it should summarizes the overview of the topic. (200 words)

Report of the body should contain the following – (1100 words)

1. Concretize your company’s strategic management based on the aspects, strengths and weaknesses, assessment of market opportunities, vision and mission.

2. Enumerate the causes of dispute resolution in the construction industry and explain any two alternate dispute resolution techniques which can be used to mitigate the disputes in your project and mention the feasible solution for the concerned party.

3. Suggest the Health and Safety systems to be followed during the construction and prepare the site waste management plan to identify the types of site waste and action taken for minimizing site waste.

4. The following MOOC course should be completed related with alternative dispute resolution and a reflection of around 75 words should be provided.


Conclusion (200 words)

Conclusion should be the reflection of each task regarding the assignment and stating how this topic has developed your knowledge. It should discuss the overall experience in writing skills during the assignment preparation.

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.


Health and Safety systems
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