Chapter 1 Introduction 

·  Give background on your topic and the impact of this study to the society or industry.

·  What are the current problem(s)/issue(s) to be tackled in research and market (i.e. hospitals/government)?

Chapter 2 Literature review (Summary of the literature review findings and group them into different sub-topic/theme/main points)

2.1 Sub-topic 1 

2.2 Sub-topic 2

·  What researchers, market, and/or company have done to solve the problem(s)/issue(s) you mentioned? And how? Why they solve the problem(s)/issue(s) in this way?

Chapter 3 The strengths and limitations (based on the findings from literature review to summarize the strengths and limitation/weakness of current development, and your suggestions of further research or development) 

·  What are the strengths and limitations of these approach on solving those problem(s)/issue(s)? 

·  What are the research/solution gaps?  

·  What will you recommend to fill the gaps/overcome the limitations?

Chapter 4 References 

·  List the journal paper, conference paper, textbook, internet URL and quote all the references in the report content.  

Healthcare Term Paper