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Con: Lawsuits should be Capped

Settlements for lawsuits should not be capped. To cap a lawsuit means to automatically have a maximum dollar amount that can be awarded to the person that had a noneconomic injury, non-economic injuries mean any injury like medical malpractice injury, or even death. These caps were placed to help reduce the economic impact that emotional injury and non-quantitative factors may have towards the case. These caps were created as a result of the 1970s and 1980s when there was a rise in the number of claims from medical malpractice and general liability resulting in statutory limits towards non-economic damages (Brannon & Patch, 2019)

The Florida Supreme Court just recently ruled that medical and personal injury caps are unconstitutional (Healthcare & Risk Management, 2017). The case of Susan Kalitan brought back the attention of the Florida cap as she sued multiple healthcare practitioner’s for perforating her esophagus during an outpatient procedure for carpal tunnel surgery. She was awarded $4 million but due to the caps it was reduced to $2 million. Kalitan attorney Scott Schlesinger noted “Caps on noneconomic damages arbitrarily reduce damage awards for plaintiffs who suffer the most drastic injuries” (Scott Schlesinger, as cited in Healthcare Risk Management, 2017). Kalitan and her attorney Schelsinger argued that there was no way the state could put a price limit for the amount of damage that she had gone through.

In 2017, Congress had the issue of capping lawsuits. The House Judiciary Committee advance the “Protecting Access to care Act 2017” If this bill were to have been passed it would have capped the non-economic damages at $250,000 thought-out all states (Brannon et al,2019). The issues that arise over this act is how can $250,000 be a maximum amount of damages for each case are different. One person can almost die and get the same amount as the person who died. It doesn’t make sense to have the same amount on the board for each case and state, or to even have a cap at all. There is no evidence, but ending caps on lawsuits may encourage business to prevent injury or accidents in the future. If businesses knew that there were no caps on the amount that a patient could receive, they may practice safer.

In conclusion , placing caps on lawsuit settlements is unconstitutional and should be revoked.Florida is towards the cessation of caps on lawsuits. It is sad to say, but it takes someone fighting for their rights, for their pain and suffering to make change in this country. Revoking the caps on medical malpractice lawsuits and personal injury lawsuits might help business require specific practices to help reduce injury and accidents.

1B. Pro: Nurses should be required to be Vaccinated

Why is it important for nurses to get vaccinated?

Pro: flu vaccine presentation this presentation is to explain and educate on benefits of healthcare workers receiving the flu vaccine during the season. I will discuss the flu’s etiology and provide two supportive arguments on why getting this vaccine is beneficial.

Influenza is a very contagious respiratory illness spread mainly by droplet contact, like sneezing and coughing. Flu season peaks December-February but can survive until May every year. Those who are susceptible to the risk of contracting influenza are the elderly, newborn, pregnant mothers, clients with pre-existing disease, immunocompromised conditions, patients receiving chemotherapy and asthma. People can start to be contagious on day 1 and to display symptoms seven days afterward.

How nurses can make an impact

According to the CDC annual vaccinations is vital because influenza can be unpredictable, with flu viruses constantly changing and immunity changing over time.Influenza Vaccination Information for Healthcare workers (2020, August,28). Nurses need to get vaccinated primarily because we are in direct care for those who could considered high risk. The centers of disease prevention advise vaccinations annually before flu season starts to maximize the effectiveness.

Although flu vaccine aren’t to say we can’t contract the flu, receiving the vaccine can lead to less complication to those who do not receive the flu shot.

How together we can keep our community safe, according to nursing 2020 journal, herd immunity can be defined as “community immunity, which is when a large portion of the community is immune to disease nursing 2020 Herd community can be beneficial because it can help protect our high-risk populations. The second reason why getting vaccinated is so important for nurses is it can help decrease the spread among patients and other healthcare personnel. Our healthcare workplace wants patient to stay safe during flu season and minimize employees missing work from contracting sickness.

In conclusion getting the flu vaccine can help suppress illness and flu-related doctor visits every year. One of our primary goals as nurses is to provide education and keep our communities safe and informed. After this presentation I hope it has provided increased knowledge of why it is so crucial for nurses to get vaccinated and a better understanding of influenza.


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