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Around the world, there have been many key milestones, events, inventions, or other factors that have helped shape the global aviation industry we now have. In order to help you gain a better perspective and to allow you to pick topics that interest you, the instructions for the assignment are:

Starting at 1900, pick three decades (1900-1909, 1910-1919, etc) and then pick one milestone, event, invention, or other factor that occurred doing that decade. Describe the event and then explain how it continues to impact us today. However, don’t pick the first flight of the Wright Brothers. I think we all know the significance of this. What will make this interesting is to try to pick something that you feel others may not know about. The topics can be from anywhere in the world as long as it pertains to aviation industry in some way. We can make this part of the class discussion on Thursday, Oct. 22.

To summarize:

Pick 3 decades from 1900 until now.

Pick on milestone from each of those decades, for a total of three events.

Describe the event and how it impacts us today in some way.

Each answer should not be longer than one page.


Historic Milestones in Aviation
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