Suggested Title:               The Experience of Female Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia: Triumphs and Challenges
Literature Review:          The current review is far too wide-ranging. It needs to be honed down and focused. Unfortunately, a lot of what you have is not relevant. I realize you have been around and around with this and I am sorry to send you off into another direction but I think you will find this is much simpler than what you’ve been asked to do in the past. I suggest you organize your review into the following themes:

  1. A very short history of female entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. You could begin by describing the business of Aisha, the Prophet Mohammad’s wife, in the 600’s and work your way up to the present. What is the current state of entrepreneurship and small business ownership among women in Saudi Arabia? Numbers? Trends?


  1. The challenges facing female entrepreneurs and small business owners in present-day Saudi Arabia related to tradition, culture, religion, established gender roles, laws related to women, etc.


  1. The opportunities being offered to women in present-day Saudi Arabia: scholarships, changing legislation, changing social norms, female education in entrepreneurship, government and private loan opportunities, exposure to media and the internet, etc.

Please utilize the literature review I sent to you earlier that is from the work of Dr. Osama AlKwifi.
Do not talk about entrepreneurship among men or entrepreneurship in other countries. Stick to Saudi Arabia and women. (Instances of Saudi women opening businesses in other countries, however, is acceptable.)
Methodology:                   Your paper will be a phenomenological study. As such, it will focus on the meaning of the experience of entrepreneurship of a number of subjects. Using in-depth interviews, you will develop descriptions (not explanations or analyses) of the essences and underlying structures of these experiences.
Qualitative research is used when a complex, detailed understanding of an issue is required and when quantitative measures and statistical analyses do not fit the problem (University of Leiden). You therefore need to justify the use of phenomenological methodology by calling attention to the fact the experience of entrepreneurship among women in Saudi Arabia is too rich and varied to lend itself to a quantitative approach.
How will you choose your subjects and why these particular women? How many will there be? (I suggest about 8-10.)
Please read the outline of a qualitative thesis at and structure your study in the same way.
In qualitative research, you DESCRIBE a phenomenon. You do not prove anything and you do not test a hypothesis…………………
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History of female entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

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