Thomas Hobbes has a grim view of human nature. Would you argue that he is more realistic than Rousseau? Is Rousseau too simplistic about the self in what he argues in the Discourse on Inequality? Is Marx too much of a utopian in the Manifesto? And besides, do you think that since Marx calls for a violent revolution, that violence itself might destroy the ‘vision’ he lays out in the Manifesto? And finally, is Mill too much of an idealist thinking that ‘individuality’, ‘rights’ , and human rights can be sustained in a world dominated by greed, capital accumulation, indifference, lack of regard for the other, and the kind of aggression Hobbes addresses? Instructions: Write an essay no longer than four pages. Try to construct an argument. Try to make your response manageable. You need on the final to create an integrated essay that sustains an argument throughout. Also, you need to quote, short quotes from the texts themselves and go into the texts in your essay.


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