PART1 (1500 WORDS): Draw up a timeline on housing policy outlining the key events and key policy/legislations in the United Kingdom from 1970- present. What was going on in society that time and how did it lead to the housing policy coming into place. Please use differnce sources of refrences.(1500 WORDS). PART 2 (2500 WORDS): Why is housing a social policy issue? include factors that make housing a policy such as political, social and housing factors. please include social protection, health education, housing and environment, peronal social services. brieftly explain your timeline. Choosing one or two areas in your housing policy timeline. explain why you choose those dates explain why those housing policy changes were taking place so often. Include theories and models to support assignment, did these changes work? were these policy changes effective? IF yes how were they effective? if No, why were they not effective.

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