• Make sure this page is attached to your midterm as the cover page. 
• You have to answer both questions to be able to get a 100, each question is worth 50 points each.
• Your answers should be two pages in length. Start your answer right below each question, you don’t have to include all the information again with each question.
• Make sure to have your name in the header of each page.
• There are no exceptions to this unless you have discussed it with me beforehand. I do not accept emailed versions of your midterm.

Grade Breakdown per question (50 points each)
• (5 points) Provide clear definitions of the concepts you are using (i.e. feminism, intersectionality, systems of privilege and oppression etc.)
• (10 points) Make sure to include a thesis statement, and underline or highlight this. 
• (7,5 points) What follows your thesis statement should be a coherent essay that is in line with your main argument
• (10 points) Both essays should be self-reflective 
• (5 points) Use at least two sources assigned throughout this course when answering each of your questions
• (10 points) Both essays should be well organized and follow MLA formatting. Make sure they are devoid of grammar and spelling mistakes. Keep the two page limit per question in mind. Your whole midterm should be around 4 pages. Your essays should be 1.5 spaced.
• (2,5 points) Include a work cited page at the end which has the references for both essays. This is not included in your page count. 

Essay Question 1: Reflect on how feminism/womanism does or does not impact your life. 
You may choose to answer some (or none) of the following questions: What role does feminism play in your life? What area of your life has it impacted the most? Is your life better or worse because of feminism/womanism? If feminism/womanism does not play a role in your life, how and why not? 

Essay Question 2: Reflect on how you are situated in our society according to various systems of privilege and oppression. Include the concept of intersectionality in the discussion. Address the various systems and ask yourself the following questions: How do some aspects of your identity/background privilege you? In what ways are you negatively impacted/oppressed by how you are situated in society? How has this impacted your life? How would your life be if you were situated differently (i.e. different social background, gender, orientation etc.)?


How do some aspects of your identity/background privilege you?
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