How emotions influence our memory A
1.Begin your paper by very briefly introducing your topic (How emotions influence our memory) through an associated topic from your text book. This will serve as the basis for your first paragraph and the building of your thesis statement about why we behave or think the way we do. [This should be the last sentence of your first paragraph]. 2. Review your 2 articles by focusing on (1) what the authors investigated (2) why they did it (3) how they did it – overview of experimental methods and finally (4) what they found – a summary of their results/findings. 3. After reviewing this literature, include as the last paragraph of your paper a synthesis of those findings and how they answer your question. You will formulate a cohesive argument that definitively answers your question through referencing and application of the research findings you present. Your final arguments should suffice as a definitive explanation of why we make the decisions that we do given the evidence that you reviewed.


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