I am an international senior undergraduate student (English is my second language). And I am creating a business plan for a course that I am taking. I am expected to submit a 10-page business plan with a minimum of 10 academic references based on the business I have chosen. The problem is I have already written the Business plan and I just realized that I am required to submit the resources that I have not included. What I need is to write 3-4 sentences based on each referencesubject listed below. I will need these sentences added to the business plan. The sentences are supposed to support the writing in the business plan in a coherent way and not to eliminate any of the writing. Here is a list of the references I need to have in my Business plan

Please make sure to include the number of the page that is being cited from a book or a paper.

  1. How reading in western societies is built from an early stage in children.
  2. Children’s reading habits in Saudi Arabia or the middle east
  3. How important are physical bookshops in comparison with online book buying
  4. A study that shows that opening a startup bookshop in a mall is more likely to succeed than an independent store.
  5. How Saudi Arabia is being more involved in community services, building awareness, and citizen ship.
  6. The importance of customer key purchasing criteria in the success of a business
  7. How economic inflation can risk business
  8. Worker’s/Staff’s personal development is important for the success of a business
  9. How important it is to create personal connections with your customers to your business. Will it drive more revenue?
  10. How seating areas in bookshops can drive more revenue or how seating areas in bookshops are important to a bookshops success
  11. How building an image of your business through advertising prior to opening your business can make it more successful
  12. How social media have proved its self as a successful marketing strategy especially in Saudi Arabia.

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How important are physical bookshops in comparison with online book buying
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