Synthesis and Relevance (8 pts)

Each lab we will check-in with the current state of the world and let you know how this week’s lab topic is relevant to you and to sustainability. This portion of the lab may reference a news story, scientific study just published, or a local event.

Monarch butterflies – our own Simploids?

The iconic Monarch butterfly is declining – and it is unclear exactly why. In this lab we learned about how experimental design can help us solve a mystery: What was killing the Simploids? Well, in the real world we might ask: What is killing the Monarch Butterflies?

Think about the experiment you performed above and do some internet searching to answer the following questions:

a) Name three threats that the Simploids faced in the experiment above (hint: we only tested two…but there’s one more! What did you have to add to the plots so Simploids could live?? What did they eat??)

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b) Name three threats for Monarch Butterflies that are similar to those for the Simploids. (hint: look at the threats for the Simploids; might these be the same or different for butterflies in the real world? Do a little research if you need to!)

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c) Now think about how you determined the biggest threat to the Simploids. How could you test which of the three things you listed above is the primary threat for Monarch Butterflies? Write a couple of sentences at least!

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d) What do scientists say is the biggest threat to Monarch Butterflies (hint, what do most folks recommend you can do to HELP Monarchs (again, do a quick internet search!))?


How many replicates did you have of each combination of variables?
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