The primary focus of the project is to examine and describe the image of minorities (racial, ethnic, gay, and lesbian) and immigrants in advertising. Select 10 advertisements with images of minorities or immigrants from online or print magazines and newspapers. Answer the following questions in separate sections. 1. Discuss your sample a. Describe how you collected your ads, from what magazines, how many, dates. 2. Discuss how minorities and immigrants are portrayed in your sample of ads. b. How is the portrayal used to promote and justify the ethnic/racial stereotypes, as well as the social and cultural beliefs about minorities and immigrants? c. How prejudice, discrimination, racism, and anti-immigration narratives are reinforced or contested in these ads? 3. Comment on how your findings compare to one of the theories discussed in the textbook. d. Apply the theory to your observations and content analysis of your ads. e. Draw one or more conclusions from your analysis. Keep in mind that this assignment is not an attempt to extract your personal opinion on particular aspects of society. You are using scientific sociological methods to describe specific situations. In other words, if you have an opinion, support it through your empirical observations. Your project commentary should be limited to 3-4 four pages, grammatically corrected, and typed (double-spaced, no larger than 12 point font). The last day to submit your project, including your ads. —————————————————— Text Book Info: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class: The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change Eighth Edition by Joseph F. Healey (Author), Andi Stepnick (Author), Eileen O′Brien (Author). Sage. 2019


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