1. How should an organization overcome resistance to change?

2. Explain at least five benefits of change management.

3. Explain the importance of nurturing creativity when embracing innovation as a core component of an organizations culture and operations.

4. How should you manage the conflict that often develops between creative types in an organization vs. the commercially focused types in an organization?

5. Explain what the authors are implying when they state, “How you innovate determines what you innovate”.

6. Identify and explain three basic types of innovation.

7. Your authors state that “…often, companies find themselves struggling to understand why they always seem to be stuck in the incremental innovation space.”  Explain why this happens and how a company can move forward overcoming this challenge.

8. Explain what is meant by “Playing to Win” or “Playing Not to Lose”.

9. Explain the risk of taking the expression “Innovate or Die” too much to heart as an organizational imperative.

10. What role does leadership play in innovation management?  (be specific)

11. What do your textbook authors mean when they state, “An innovation culture embraces discipline and surprise.”

12. Why was the Apple introduction of the iPod and iTunes considered so innovative in its time?

13. What benefit would a company see by creating an “Innovation and Development (I&D instead of or in addition to R&D)” team?

14. Thoroughly explain each of the three roles of an innovation measurement system.

15. How is innovation measurement different at the operational project level in comparison to the strategic level?

16. Identify five suggestions given by your textbook authors for designing and building an innovation measurement system.

17. Define “knowledge management”.  Define “ignorance management”.  What role does each play in advancing innovation strategies?

18. Explain how an organization should go about conducting an effective diagnostic of their overall innovation activities.

19. Explain the objectives of a well designed “innovation management system”.

How should an organization overcome resistance to change?