Research paper on Human Errors and their Relation to Aircraft Accidents and Incidents

Paper details:

This is a capstone paper. Please look at the files I have attached. I have created an outline and the references I would like you to use for this research paper. Thank you. The topic (topic is in the next paragraph) of the project will be determined at the beginning of the course, project size will be approximately 18 to 25 pages of text in length. The project will be formatted with a cover page, abstract, introduction, background of the problem, research of the problem, conclusions from your research, and recommendations to address the problem. The purpose of this research is to highlight human factors that are largely responsible for aviation related accidents and incidents and ways in which the aviation industry can help reduce these accidents. Three basic error types exist such as decision, skill-based and perceptual errors. Primary factors for human errors include fatigue, situational awareness, memory, training and workload. Providing the proper resources, training and knowledge on detailed human error factor crashes can lead aviation companies into safer working environments.

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