Requirement Essay
8 double spaced pages (must not exceed 8 pages)
+1 page of table or figure in main finding in the study in APA format

1. Need to come up with your own topic regard specific research question in human memory which realted to Anterograde amnesia
2. Need to demonstrate original paper and critical own thought about the topic and paper.
3. Your essay must include one figure or table for each paper reviewed to illustrate its main findings.
4. The essay requires only two primary research articles that speak to this question. One of the article is Patients with hippocampal amnesia cannot imagine new experiences. I will upload the file of this article. Please find the other article in this website only Psyc Info

Further review of background research may also be included but is not required. If you include this, background study should be discussed in considerably less detail than the two main papers at the core of your essay.

5. You will be expected to demonstrate your understanding of the papers reviewed by defining the major relevant concepts, introduce the theoretical relevance and hypotheses of the research reviewed, describe its methods and data, and offer an interpretation with conclusions for the results obtained. In writing your essay, you should pursue the following questions as guidelines:
– What is the research question?
– Why do psychologists study this question?
– How have they done this in the papers you reviewed?
– What have they found?
– How do the findings from the two different articles relate to each other?
– What are the limitations of this research?
– What are the implications for theories of human memory and potential applications?

Put more generally, your aim is to explain why the topic you selected is important, what the research reveals about human memory, and how the findings are related to theories in the field. It is important that your final conclusions integrate the findings from both papers.

6. Additional requirements:
(i) Your essay must include one figure or table for each paper reviewed to illustrate its main findings.
(ii) To avoid potential concerns of plagiarism, you will be asked to add an appendix to your essay in which your provide information as to how you obtained your references and resources………………………………..

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Human memory research question related to Anterograde amnesia
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