After reading the following case, recommend a brand new “specialized” contact centre to handle special scenarios / customers like Alex. Present your recommendations in a report including the following sections / content:

1. Executive summary
One page summary of the business case, recommended solution, your reasoning and expected benefits.

3. Needs Analysis
Identification of gaps (between desired performance and observed experience) and root causes of less than optimal performance by the company at the current state of operations.

4. Recommendations
Using information from the case and your desired performance, recommend a new specialized contact centre dealing with special scenarios like this.

Your recommendations must include the following (explain your reasoning for each item):

a. Functionality (what does this centre do? For whom?) Explain the benefit of the new centre over the existing setup;
b. Three (3) Core Processes (Best practice) critical to success of your recommended centre:
c. Three (3) Value-Add Processes (best practice) critical to success of your recommended centre;
d. Three (3) key performance indicator (KPI) critical to success of your recommended centre;
e. Process map for the old process and the new centre;

5. Conclusions
One page summary of the case and your reasoning for what you have recommended………………

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Identification of gaps
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