this a final exam essay and it counts 10 points toward my final exam it is really important. if this will help we have studied from the book ( introduction to security ninth edition by robert fisher, edward hailbozek and david walters)

ABC Manufacturing is a mid-sized manufacturing company, operating three plants in the northeast. Their annual revenue is approximately $50 million.

You are the Security Director of ABC Manufacturing. Your annual budget is $1.5 million. You employ a proprietary security force along with some basic security technology.

ABC was recently awarded a Department of Defense contract and leased a new property to handle the manufacturing demands of the new contract. This plant is designated to manufacture a critical, classified component for military aircraft.

The new property is situated along the coastline within an industrial park. You have shared common areas (e.g., office space, cafeteria, break rooms, parking) with three other tenants.

The manufacturing section of the plant stands alone and is surrounded by a chain-link fence. The building has multiple entry doors, windows, a shipping/receiving loading dock, and an employee parking area. There are no security features present, and police presence in the area is minimal. Historical trends indicate property crime is the prevalent form of crime in the area (e.g., burglary, theft, vandalism, arson).

Senior management has requested that you assess the property and present security recommendations for final approval and funding.

Consider an all-hazards (natural and man-made) approach when making recommendations. You must practice fiscal constraint when developing your site security plan.


Leveraging all the information presented in this course:

  1. Identify three (3) primary natural and/or man-made hazards that you hope to protect against (i.e., risk assessment). Why did you identify these hazards as your top three (e.g., probability and criticality)?
  2. Identify specific measures you may employ and why. Think in terms of risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk spreading, risk transfer, self-assumption of risk, or any combination of strategies.
  3. Identify specific technologies you may leverage and what you hope to achieve.
    1. Outer defenses (i.e., building and perimeter protection).
    2. Inner defenses (i.e., intrusion and access control).
  4. Identify other specific strategic actions you may take and why.
Identify other specific strategic actions one may take and why in hazard protection
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