Instructions: After you watch, read, and explore the course materials from this week please complete the following: Please create a photo/data essay of some of the major themes in the course. I. You should collect 10 to 15 snips of photos/charts/graphs/maps that reflect current trends in immigration. II. Each picture should have a caption III. Write 500-750 words narrating them. It is also permissible to create a screen cast and talk through your pictures. Please address the following questions. 1. Why are these pictures/charts/graphs/maps meaningful to you? Why did you choose them? 2. What themes in the course do they engage with? Please be specific about the weeks/assignments/learning goals? 3. How does your story reflect changes that occurred over time in regards to migration patterns? 4. How do politics and power play into the story you have chosen? 5. Why is it important that we check where we are getting our statistics and opinions from about migration? 6. How does your story reflect the critical thinking skills outlined in the course materials for this week? 7. Find a website/organization that you align your views with in regards to migration. What resonates with you about it? 8. Where do you think immigration is headed in the future? 9. Please use a works cited page to attribute any images or secondary sources you use that you do not find in this course (APA style)


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