For this written assignment, students must write a 10 page, double-spaced research paper and/or project covering any topic of interest related to the course. 

For instance, if your concentration is business, you can focus on a topic that will allow you to develop a paper that you can continue to improve upon that focuses on the Caribbean. Likewise, if your area is human services, you can discuss the Caribbean in that context. Additionally, you are welcome to develop a paper/project that analyzes some aspect of the course, or you can develop a reflection paper/project based on what you have learned. Given that, you can choose to focus on one area, or different themes that you were introduced to during this course. Do understand that this is not an opinion-based paper, rather it is paper/project that discusses what you have taken away from this course.

Be creative and think outside the box; you might do your own YouTube video, put together an art exhibit, music, business, tourism, and or ecology. Enjoy the paper/project and let it be of interest to you.

The paper should be double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font and follow the MLA accepted form of citation. Students cannot rely solely on articles and readings from the course. You must do outside research. The paper must include at least five (5) scholarly books or articles and CANNOT incorporate web sources from Wikipedia, or any other online encyclopedia. Government and scholarly websites are appropriate.

Here is the written project proposal that i have submitted:
Globalization is changing the way the world economies operate. While conversations and research typically focus on larger economies it will be interesting to explore the impact of globalization on smaller less developed countries like that of those in the Caribbean. Having a business background, I find the topic of commoditization and globalization to be particularly interesting. My research will focus on the local impact of globalization on the economies of various Caribbean regions and highlight both the positive and negative economic impacts that result. My objective is to develop detailed research that will enable me to form an informed opinion as to if globalization and commodification has had a net positive or negative impact on the region overall.

While globalization and commodification have changed the landscape of the Caribbean economy, one could suggest that the net impact has been negative for the local population. 

Annotated Bibliography (two sources):
Expected Outcomes:
The research paper will explore both the positives associated with commodification and creation of exports as well as the negatives associated with the influx in imports and inability to compete on a local level, creating a globally dependent local economy. The ultimate objective will be to share evidence that global markets have done more harm than good for the local populace in the region. 

Akhter, Syed H., and Paul Pounder. “Economic Globalization and Caribbean Economies: Competitive Developments, Strategic Response, and Performance.”E-Publications@Marquette. Marquette University, 01 Jan. 2008. Web. 02 July 2017. .

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Impact of globalization on the economies of various Caribbean regions
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