The draft is a good start. Here are some things you should work on to improve the draft: Need proper citation of the references in the paper. Write all citations as Author (Year, page) or (Author, year, page number); you do not have to use page numbers. For example, Smith (2010, p. 36) or (Smith, 2010, p. 36) depending on how you use them. The end of paper reference list should have consistent style. Need to use precise words and improve writing in many places. Here are some examples: Page 1: The behavioural economist Nash. The common spelling is behavioral (without the u). “behavioural’ is British spelling. In fact the paper reads as if it is written for a British audience: the word usages in many cases follow British spelling. It is not wrong but a bit odd. More importantly, Nash is not commonly considered a behavioral economists. You can refer him as a game theorist. Page 2: You need to explain the what the payoff numbers in the matrix stand for. Page 5: 3rd line from bottom, did you mean “shared” or “shaped”? On the same page, explain what “SMART” means. Every time you introduce abbreviations, explain what they mean. Page 6: 7th line at the end, “an” or “and”? Page 8: top of the page, the explanation is not exactly for Nash equilibrium. Revise. Page 10: 9th line from bottom, “sane” or “same”? Page 17: 6th line from bottom. Explain what is meant by “decisions should be monotonic”. Page 22-23. Make sure all references are listed in the same style. These are just some examples. You want to CAREFULLY read the paper and correct any mistakes and confusing writings. Use the free online grammar checking tool, Grammarly, to correct your grammar mistakes and improve your writing.


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