Topic: Analyse the importance of ‘customers’. Are they an organisation’s most valuable asset?
(Please think a tittle name for the essay by yourself)
You should use appropriate essay structure outlined in this unit. Although meaningful and appropriate content is important, your essay will be judged primarily on the quality of the writing. It should be well structured according to the conventions outlined in the course materials and should include important elements such as an introduction with thesis statement; a body which includes clear topic sentences and sufficient supporting materials; and a conclusion. You may include headings and sub-headings, graphs or diagrams if appropriate, but use these sparingly.
You should consult at least FIVE references. Try to use a variety of sources, such as journal articles, books and valid Internet sources.
When using the Internet, always make sure that you evaluate what you find according to the criteria in ‘Citing material from the Internet’ (see unit materials workbook). All sources should be acknowledged using the APA OR Harvard system and you must include a complete list of references.
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importance of customers

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