In The Light of Christ, Thomas Joseph White writes that theology can help people become “intellectually happy” (43). Your task in this paper will be to present and to reflect on White’s account of the bond between theology and happiness. Your paper will have three parts: 1.) Happiness and theology. According to White, what is happiness? What is theology? How does theology help foster happiness? 2.) Critics. What criticisms might be made about White’s argument? How, for instance, might ‘skeptics’ and ‘spiritual but not religious’ persons respond to his position? 3.) The “risk” of truth. In the light of such criticisms, why does White that “[e]very person has to accept risk in truth’s call to us” (5)? What are the possible dangers and rewards involved in accepting such risk? This paper will be expository and synthetic in nature. You do not need to answer each “prompt’ in order or at all, but should use the prompts as springboards for reflection

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