Essay topic:
The Federation of British Industries adopt the view that ““It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century” and “industries are at the forefront of the response to this global challenge.” They also recognise the importance of commercial interests of airline industry.
You are Zoom Zachonis, an UK based airline company. Write a report to the Federation of British Industries, on the desired framework for domestic and regional (including EU) regulation after the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, 2015. The report is in 4 parts and all discussions are restricted within the EU.
1. Opening summary: overview of what your report is about and outline the contribution the airline industry has made both positively and negatively, to climate change—[500 words!!]
 Underlying assumption: Zoon airline runs a combination of both budget and standard flights within the EU. The latter is more environmentally
 Please discuss with reference to standard of EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), and its strengths and credibility.
2. Predict the likely model adopted by states at the Paris 2015 conference on climate change—[1000 words!!]
• Define the Kyoto “top down approach” and “bottom-up approach” in Lima, then critically assess and compare the two, as to which is less flawed and more practical on a national level in the UK.
 Criticise the “top down” approach as being outdated and practically hard to implement.
3. Whether TRADITIONAL COMMAND AND CONTROL or NEW GOVERNANCE MECHANISMS are more appropriate means to regulate airline/aviation industry? —[2400 words!!]
• Critically ASSESS and COMPARE the strengthens and shortcomings of both (with reference to impact the airline industry has on climate change)
• **Please include Command and Control as being too stringent and outdated, and new governance mechanisms to be unstable to some extent** **Please include examples in relation to the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and EU legislation/regulations to combat climate change (eg. Emission quotas) • Conclude practically a COMBINATION of both mechanisms is needed, to regulate the airline industry with respect to climate change.
4. Conclusion[100 words!!!]
• A list of conclusions and recommendations in POINT FORM…………..
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Industries are at the forefront of the response to global challenges