This is a position paper. It needs to be personal and therefore it can and should be written in the first person. My take on this subject is that daycare is better for a child’s social and cognitive development, as opposed to stay-at-home care. However, before stating my position, the pros and cons of both sides need to be addressed. Personally, I feel that daycare is better because it allows a child to interact with other children and it teaches them how to communicate and play with others, which helps them expand their learning and is essential for their cognitive and social development. I would like 5 peer reviewed articles as references to back up my points, and the 6th reference will need to be my class textbook called “Introduction to Infant Development: 1st Canadian Edition by Slater, Lewis, Anzures & Lee (2011). If you cannot access this source, I have it as an eBook and I would not mind sharing my username and password for you to access it. I need a good thesis statement as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph that clearly states my position for this topic (which is FOR daycare being better, as previously mentioned). The body of the paper should be 3 paragraphs (max 4) and then of course, there needs to be a conclusion that recaps all of my points and my position. This paper needs to be clear and concise, but also intriguing. APA style. APA referencing. 5 pages. 12 Point Times
New Roman Font. 1” margins. Double spaced………………….
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Infancy – What’s better for a child’s development: daycare or stay-at-home care?

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