Directions: Use the internet to find the following information about peripheral devices for sale. Put the information into the provided table on the next page. Here are more details about the kinds of peripherals you will need to identify and what information is needed. Each letter below corresponds to a column in the table on page 2.

A. Ten (10) examples of peripheral devices. The devices should be of different types (i.e. no more than two should come from the same category, e.g. printers.) 

B. Identify each device listed as:

1. An internal device only (I)

2. An external device only (E)

3. Either an internal or external device (B)

C. Identify if the device is primarily used for

1. Input

2. Output

3. Storage

D. If device would mostly be used by 

1. Business only (B)

2. Industry only (I)

3. Personal (individual, family, home use) only (P)

4. Any combination of the above (C)

E. Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of each device

1. Find price for one brand and model only

2. Look for name brand devices and models known for quality

3. Best to use the manufacturer’s website

4. Round the price to the nearest dollar ($1.98 rounds to $2.00)

Check Attach File for Chart

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