Write a multi-paragraph essay identifying at least two of your personal or lifestyle choices and explain the positive and/or negative effects they have on the environment. Support your opinion with effective examples showing the impact of your individual actions externally (close to home and/or on a larger scale). Make sure you AVOID logical fallacies, meaning that your connections between causes and consequences are carefully considered and sufficiently proven. Your response should clearly explain and describe at least two personal choices and use details to show how each choice impacts the environment, close to home, out in the world, or both. To do a good job you need to convince the reader that what you have to say, although personal, impacts them in some way. Ultimately, why should your reader care that these choices lead to these consequences? This means each paragraph should include a personal choice, the effects of this choice, and the points that show why this information matters to your reader. You should have at least two body paragraphs, depending on how many personal choices you plan to discuss, an introduction that is attention-grabbing and reveals your argument (your thesis goes here), and a conclusion that offers some memorable final thoughts on the connection between individuals and their environments. In all, you will have at least four paragraphs, depending on the number of personal choices you include. Each paragraph should have a unique link between it and the one that comes after it. The order of these points is up to you, but make sure you have placed each paragraph purposefully and that the body paragraphs show causal relationships (choice causes effect). Remember that you need to write sound arguments, so you can avoid logical fallacies. Refer to the foundation lesson on this topic if you need examples of logical fallacies.


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