Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for students to explore and evaluate innovative/creative early childhood programs (birth to pre-K up to 3rd grade) that are available outside of Utah in the US or Internationally. An innovative program offers an approach to education that is different from the way we typically approach education in the U.S. public school system. There are many ways that an innovative program might different from a traditional approach to education. Some examples include: the way the classroom is arranged, the curriculum and skills taught, the school environment, the way children are expected to learn, etc. Task: Write a paper about an innovative education programs that is outside of Utah that is supported as appropriate by your class readings and video material. Try to look at programs nationally or internationally that give a broader/creative/innovative view of education. Please also post to the discussion board a link to the program’s website with a brief description to share with your classmates so others can explore the program – you need to respond to at least one other student’s post about an exemplary program and identify a strength and why you might send a child to this program. Criteria: Write a minimum 3 page double spaced, 12 pt. font paper that addresses the following: Summarize Program: Population served: Who has access? Who is it designed for? Tuition and who can afford it? Educational philosophy: How does instruction take place? What does the environment feel and look like (elate to DAP principles highlighted in the text about quality early education)? Purpose of school: Why do people chose this school over others? What need is it designed to meet? What areas might the school overlook/neglect? Reflect on Program: What do you like about the program? What don’t you like about the program? How could the program be improved? Discussion: Go to the discussion post associated with this assignment Create an initial post that provide a summary of at least 200 words and a link to your program. Create a response post to one of your classmates whose program interests you. Identify a strength and why you might send a child to this program. This should be at least 150 words.

innovative program
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