Accomplish integration, locate multiple articles from the library. They can be periodical magazine articles or journal articles. Compare and contrast the ideas of multiple authors. Brief summaries of the authors’ ideas are appropriate. However, most of the essay should match to the verbs in the Bloom’s Taxonomy diagram. Select the application and analyze a portion of the diagram to develop an acceptable essay. Notice the product content of the article. The content describes various components and assemblies of original equipment manufacturers. The options and paths followed by OEM reverse logistics are different from consumer products. Be sure to apply APA formatting and include scholarly articles to develop the essay discussion points. Vanegas, P., Peeters, J. R., Cattrysse, D., Tecchio, P., Ardente, F., Mathieux, F., . . . Duflow, J. R. (2018). Ease of disassembly of products to support circular economy strategies(135), 323-334.!/search?ho=t&l=en&q=Ease%20of%20disassembly%20of%20products%20to%20support%20circular%20economy%20strategies Walde, J. L. (2001). Reverse logistics: A monogram. Army command and general staff Coll Fort Levenworth KS School of Advanced Military Studies.


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