This paper is a Journal Finding Antecedents of Psychological Safety, A Step Toward Quality Improvement, 2013.pdf (320.038 KB) Exploring the importance of team psychological safety in the development of two interprofessional teams, 2016.pdf (488.023 KB) JOURNAL 5, Interprofessional collaboration, SUMMER 2018.doc (50 KB) Inter-professional collaboration is imperative to quality outcomes in the environment of complex health care. Likewise, the effect of psychological safety can impact the quality and outcome of care. In a psychologically safe environment, “individuals can take the risk of admitting ignorance or uncertainty without fear of censure or ridicule. Thus they are more likely to hold productive discussions through asking questions, seeking feedback, highlighting failures, and sharing information, because their focus is not on self-protection (Edmondson & Lei, 2014 as cited in O’Leary, 2016, p. 29). Describe an inter-professional collaboration (include disciplines outside of nursing) regarding patient care in which you have participated or observed. (This can be with one person or several, such as a team meeting). Identify the roles of the persons involved. Refer to the O’Leary (2016) and Aranzamendez, James, and Toms (2015) to review the concept of Psychological Safety. Thoroughly explain how this concept was apparent in the collaboration. Use citations from these references. Identify and discuss your “take away.”

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