1) Your assignment is entitled as a PORTFOLIO of literature review. ( This is not an ESSAY)
2) You are expected to submit a 2200 words portfolio in the following format.
Portfolio Title: A literature Review
Introduction: Give the full references of the four readings and briefly exaplin the purpose of the review
Introduction: (200 words)
Topic 1: (400 words)
Topic 2: (400 words)
Topic 3: (400 words)
Topic 4: (400 words)
Analysis of the four Readings: (400 words)
For the purpose of developing analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of the key premises of the topics, students will be asked to a) summarize the arguments, b) identify the key notion(s) and explain them c) assess the strengths and the weaknesses of the argument and d) Link and reflect on the premises, presented in the following 4 texts:
Topic 1- Arnold, Denis G (2013) Global Justice and International Business. Business Ethics Quarterly; Vol. 23 Issue 1, p125-143.
Topic 2 -http://www.mbsportal.bl.uk/taster/subjareas/mgmt/cmi/articles12.aspx.
Topic 3- Hofstede, G. (1993) Cultural constraints in Management theories. Academy of Management Executive, 7 (1), 81-94.
Topic 4- Javidan, M., Dorfman, P. W., De Luque, M. S., & House, R. J. (2006). In the eye of the beholder: Cross cultural lessons in leadership from Project GLOBE. The Academy of Management Perspectives, 20(1), 67-90………………
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International Perspectives in Organisations

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