By the end of Unit 4, you will submit your initial Intervention Plan Design assignment. As part of that assignment, you will be asked to develop and support a number of components for an intervention plan that will seek to address the need, target population, and setting that you identified in your Unit 2 Problem Statement (PICOT) assignment. These intervention plan components will need to be supported by evidence from the literature and professional best practices. You will also need to consider the impacts of technology, stakeholders, health care policy, and regulations, as well as ethical and legal considerations. ****My capstone will be on the impact of nurse leadership styles that influence staff retention/turnover in the long term care setting -Geriatrics For your initial discussion post, complete the following: Describe one of the components of your intervention plan. How will the component you described contribute to the overall success of your intervention plan? What evidence from the literature or best practices supports that the component will help to address the identified need or target population of your intervention plan? What, if any, potential is there for technology to help in the development or implementation of the component? How might stakeholders, health care policy, or regulation potentially impact this component? Are there any ethical or legal considerations related to the development or implementation of the component that need to be kept in mind? If so, what are they?


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