Submit the Following in Canvas

Part 1: Information about the Interviewee

1. Students’s Name and School:  

2. Organization he/she/they interned for: 

3. Email and phone number:

4. Method interview was conducted:

5. Explain the process and the resource you used to find this person:

6. Why did you ask this person for an informational interview (what did you hope to learn): 

Part 2: Interview Summary 

1. Type a 2-3 page summary of your meeting in question/answer format (5-8 questions – from the list in this assignment or developed on your own). 


Question 1: What computer skills or programs were necessary to do this internship?

Answer 1: Levon had to create a lot of presentations for leadership during the internship. He told me that having really good PowerPoint skills is important because they don’t want to see something that looks unprofessional in their meetings. He had to look for and complete tutorials on his own time after his work day so that he could create presentations that looked professional.

Part 3: Reflect 

Provide thoughtful answers to each prompt below. Each response should be 1-2 paragraphs of at least 5-7 sentences each.

1. What did you learn in this interview that informs your next steps? 

2. From this interview, what skills have you identified that you need to gain or improve on
to be successful in this field?

3. Describe any challenges you faced and strategies you used when approaching an unknown colleague.

4. Describe at least 3 action steps you will take to continue your career exploration.

Part 4: Follow-up

1. How do you plan to stay in touch with this person?

Interview Summary